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Workshops: A Unique Approach

My workshops are designed to cater to small groups. I endeavor to take each student at his or her own level of artistic development and help, through my instruction, to increase the quality of their artistic expression.

Unlike many instructors, I do not use workshop time for a group demonstration. It is my feeling that the time is better utilized by direct student involvement with the instructor. Therefore, I will demonstrate individually some solutions if a student encounters a painting problem. It is not my goal to have my students mimic my style of painting, but, by increasing their awareness, technical ability, and creativity, it is my aim to promote their individual artistic growth.

My paintings are not the direct illustration of landscape and plant forms, but are the expression of a realm of feeling derived from the reaction to the landscape. It is a transmission of personal and private emotions that are derived from the imagery. The color and passages of paint have their source in the artist, not the place observed.

I regard decoration as a necessary and delightful thing. There is also much to be derived from photography. Often the memory of the moment with the camera, and the experience of the eye at the time, later coalesces during the painting process to provide unique, creative impulses.

Watching the development of my students has had a profound effect on my work. In them I see a dedicated effort to move into a realm of artistic accomplishment--each to his or her own level--with a seriousness of intention which is awe-inspiring to me.

Through this movement in art a further dimension of the person is reached. This is a dimension that enables one to experience life more fully. Through their striving and growth, my students have helped me to stay in touch with this special personal element of my life, which allows for my continued growth in creative expression.